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A message from Pastor Mark

Good Friday, Family!  God is good even when times are bad.  This week I was reminded that some of our families lived through the bad times of the wars of the 20th Century.  Rationing, going to war, sending loved ones to war never to return were common experiences.  And yet by God's grace we got through them and became more resilient because of the experiences. Today we all are facing unprecedented difficulties beyond being stuck at home.  The United Nations chief calls this “the greatest test that we have faced together” since World War II.   Once again, by God's grace we will get through this and hopefully will become more resilient as a result.  Such is the admonition of Jesus' brother James who encourages us to "consider it a joy" to go through bad times.  Because these bad times produce in us a faith that perseveres through anything.   I look forward to how these times will strengthen our church.


I hope you have been able to join us for our Sunday online gatherings. Last Sunday we provided a link directly off our website which helped people join in for our abbreviated, yet encouraging service.  We are hoping to do the same this Sunday, so go to our website (greenlakecalvary.org) to worship with us Sunday at 10:30.  Together we will worship our Great God and find hope for our anxieties in the words of Christ.


We've also started some of our online small group gatherings.  It's been nice to see faces and catch up on life while turning our hearts to the Lord.  If you'd like to be part of these, send the church a message and we'll help you get connected.


A reminder that the 12th is Easter Sunday! We intend to celebrate together even from a distance!  Look for more updates on the Easter plans along with a modified Good Friday service.  


I also invite you to pray for our church and country.  We've had many families affected by layoffs. We've all been affected to some measure.  Pray and pass along some encouragement through notes, facebook, or a phone call.  Above all, let's make sure to encourage each other in the Lord.  


Psalm 46:1

God is our refuge and strength,

an ever-present help in trouble. 


Finding Joy in this journey with you,

Pastor Mark

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Coming series

The early church turned the world upside down!  What was it about the early church that enabled them to have such an impact?  Are there similar actions on our part which could deepen our impact?  In ACTS 2 we are given a glimpse of what ACTIONS enabled this young church to spread a contagious faith.

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As a Church, we're so grateful to see God's Kingdom going forward in Guatemala!  During our trip in partnership with Paradise Bound Ministries, our group of 38 adults were blessed to build homes, facilitate medical clinics, create meaningful relationships and witness many people invite Jesus Christ to be Lord of their lives!

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The ministries at GLCC were created to give Christian adults, youth and children the opportunity to be part of a family in Christ and to grow together in knowledge and love for a God who wants to bring hope and life back to this weary world.

  • Become disciples who are radical, relational, relevant and real.

  • Strive deeper in our knowledge of, passion for and faith in God.

  • Build Christ-centered relationships with each other and with our communities.

  • Impact modern day culture by sharing the Gospel to our generation and demonstrating the selfless love of Jesus Christ through serving others

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