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Assisting Families

During this crazy time of uncertainty we want to help families as much as we can. With the transition to online schools, we recognize that not every family has the resources to be able to do it effectively. Perhaps you don't have internet at your house, or maybe you don't have the time to properly monitor your children. Either way, we want to help bridge this education gap. We are providing socially distant access to our facilities in order to give families access to the internet, the ability for parents to take a break, and provide structure for students to be able to maintain focus on their school work.

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Time slot is from 1pm-4pm. Feel free to pick up your child anytime within that time frame. Our facilities are open for students 1st grade - 12th grade. Currently, there is a 15 person limitation for our facilities. First come, first served. Please note that these links are updated every Thursday, and it is a first come first served basis.

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